MLA Still Works Today

The MLA format for writing is my choice, when it comes to research and scholarly papers. As the Purdue Owl states “it adds credibility to your work by demonstrating accountability.” Now, I do admit that, I  have been using this format for years and it is what I’m used to, but people chose this system for a reason, and I’m not here to argue which system is best.

MLA does not just add credibility to your work through the proper use of citation. It has a standard for the appearance of the work as well; in the sense that it specifies the size of the text, the size of the margins, the line spacing, even down to the size of the paper that everything needs to be printed on. I’m sure teachers, and anyone else who reads an MLA formatted paper will appreciate the amount of detail that has gone into making this format easy to read, at least in the formatting sense.

I am not versed on citation online, but I know that is an upcoming topic in one of my classes. I do find the ability to post a link directly into text to be more useful than old-fashioned directions on how to look things up in the library, but there is no reason that MLA could not be adapted to this new modern format. I suppose the question is, if you can follow a link to a source directly, do you really need an old-fashioned bibliography page? Perhaps not, but then again 100% of all human knowledge is not online yet, so we’ll have to use something to cite those sources. For that I say MLA works today.


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2 Responses to “MLA Still Works Today”

  1. This is a good start. I would like for you to dig deeper, though. Most of this is general information about why MLA is good, which has been written about a lot. Where your post gets interesting is at the end when you question whether it is really necessary as-is. Why do you think so many are such sticklers about MLA? Does it have to do with MLA being the citation format of literary scholars whose background is in books? Or is it something else? Ask more probing questions.

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