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One of my class assignments, this week, was to sign up for a location service, and use it. Basically, the idea of these services is that your friends can see where you’re at and meet up with you, or at least communicate with you based on your location. I have the Facebook app with check in, on my iPhone, so I planed on using this, but I did not ever remember to check in anywhere. It’s not that I am a very private person, or that I don’t go fun places. The fact is I don’t use these services because I forget to use them, and I don’t see any real benifit.

My gym has a sticker on the door that says ‘check in here to receive special offers’, or something like that, so I did a few times a while back,  got nothing, and decided it was not worth the effort. I may be cynical, but I figure once I have checked in if they don’t give me anything I have recourse. I’m not going to sue, and I don’t know if you can check out, but the real question I ask myself is “Is this worth my time?”

I have now signed up for Foursquare; in hopes of better free stuff odds, but I still forget to use it most of the time. I went to the mall yesterday, and I can’t imagine if I checked it at every store I went to. I think there should be an auto check in option, but honestly I would turn it off, and not remember to turn it back on.

If you want to know where I am, just ask. I probably will not have checked in.

How about you? Do you check in everywhere, some places, or nowhere?


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I'm a full time college student at UTD. This is my first blog.

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